Cathy Phillips

Health Coach

Cathy’s appreciation of good health and whole body well-being is the result of her lifelong fascination with how the human body really works from the inside out. She continually seeks out further educational opportunities and passionately shares her knowledge of nutrition and healthy living with anyone who is interested in improving their lives.

Cathy has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University and has enjoyed teaching for most of her life. Some of her key focuses include dance, scuba diving, aerobics, business team building, health and wellness coaching, and nutritional well-being. In 2003, she moved from Utah County to St. George. While she loves the beautiful scenery of southern Utah, Cathy has discovered that where you live isn’t nearly as important as how you live and knowing who you are. Cathy enjoys spending her time with her loving husband, three daughters, four step children, six grandchildren, and five cats.

Dr Norda St. George UT

Clinic Hours

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

9:00 am - 5:00 pm