Why NUCCA and why St. George, Utah

I was the lucky one to open up Southern Utah to NUCCA. I moved down to St. George in 2009 and have been practicing here ever since. At first I worked in a little office in the back of the Bosch Store called Jack Stockwell & Associates. I quickly out grew that office and 9 months later left Stockwell to open Balanced Spinal Care. Balanced Spinal Care still is going strong and is easily the busiest and NUCCA office in St. George. So why be a NUCCA chiropractor? NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and is a form of chiropractic that works with the top of the spine to balance out the entire body. In my very biased opinion, this is by far the best form of chiropractic out there! There is no twisting or popping and I don’t have to see patients three times a week. Also, precise x-rays show me exactly what to do and how to adjust. After the first adjustment, post x-rays show me exactly what I’ve done. Without the information of both pre and post x-rays, I would be guessing and guessing about someone’s health is never a good idea.

While working up in South Jordan at Jack Stockwell & Associates, I noticed a lot of patients that would travel up from St. George, Utah for a 15 minute visit just to turn around and travel all the way back down. Round trip that turns out to be about 8 hours of driving. NUCCA upper cervical is worth the drive, but why not go set up an office down there. So I did. Since then, I have really enjoyed getting to know the people of southern Utah and serving them.

There is nothing better to improve your health than to have your Atlas (top bone in the spine) checked for a misalignment. When Atlas misaligns, it can easily compromise the bodies innate ability to heal, repair and regulate itself.

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