The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Experience: Week 3

One Patient’s ongoing experiences with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Cravings: Cravings? What are cravings? Week 3 has been so much kinder for me with my cravings. Of course it is still hard when I am offered a donut, but staying strong has been worth it. I feel like I am conquering my need for sweets.
The thing that I am finding most amazing is my new tolerance for meats. Before I started this diet, I have had problems with certain meats. After a meal with a lot of beef or pork, my stomach would cramp up and felt awful for the rest of the day and into the next. That made me worried when I saw that meat was a good thing to have for this diet. I went for it anyways and I don’t regret it because I haven’t had any problems since. I talked to Cathy (the Nutritionist at Balanced Spinal Care) and told her about it. What she told me made perfect sense and I wonder why I never saw it before! She told me that how my meat is digested depends on what I eat with it. If I had some beef with a side of potatoes and pasta… that was a recipe of disaster for me! It was the added starch and other junk that made my digestion for meats so difficult. It would get clogged up, and that was where my pain started. Since starting this diet, I have had beef, but with a side of fruit and vegetables which has helped it go down so much better. Now I enjoy those meats!

Hunger Pains: I am finally in the swing of things, so I am not feeling my hunger pangs like I did the first couple of weeks. I am now a pro with snacks and make sure that I have them with me at all times. Eating so much has taken a lot of getting used to, but it is something that I have learned to work with. It has been very important to listen to my body.

Weight: I have lost 2 more pounds! And the best part is that I am feeling great! I still have to go clothes shopping because a lot of my clothes are too big. For example, I bought a darling shirt about 3 weeks ago. This was right before I started the Anti-Inflammatory Program. I put it on now and it is definitely too big for me. It was a bitter sweet feeling, that’s for sure. Bitter because I love that shirt so much and can’t find it anymore. But it is even more sweet because I am seeing the fruits of my efforts.

Energy: My energy level has continued to stay constant and steady throughout the day. Yay! It has definitely helped me in my busy life. I am getting more done, and I last longer before I get tired. I have also found that because of this, I am sleeping more soundly and deeply at night. This is a huge step for me because I have had trouble sleeping in the past. I would lay in bed for 2 hours, restless and my brain activity going a hundred miles a minute before I could finally get to sleep.

What I have learned: I have been following very diligently with my Symptom Tracker for these past 3 weeks and I have found that my numbers are going down. Dramatically! On the Symptom Tracker, it gives a list of symptoms from how your digestion is working, memory, emotions, energy, etc. Then on a scale of 0 to 3 (0 being none, and 3 being severe) I have been numbering all my symptoms. A few of the big differences I have noticed was…1.) I used to clear my throat a lot (nothing I was too bothered with) but I have noticed that I don’t do that as much anymore. 2.) I used to get stomach pains quite frequently and have problems with indigestion. I haven’t felt that for weeks! And everything I eat has been going through me quite easily. 3.) I have already told you about my old roller-coaster energy level throughout the day. That has improved so much for me. Especially in my crazy life when I don’t always have the luxury of eating when I want to.
Only 1 week to go, and I am really excited to see what differences it makes!

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