The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Experience: Week 2

One Patient’s ongoing experiences with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Cravings: I am still craving sugar, but the pang isn’t as bad. I have found it is a whole lot easier to walk away from the treats than it was the first week.   Okay, so I did cheat just a little bit. I ate 1 peanut butter cookie covered in chocolate (it was disgusting, and so not worth it). Cravings are a constant struggle for me. But as I have mentioned just last week, it only gets harder when I see certain foods, especially bread. I have really wanted bread. Thankfully, I haven’t been faced with fresh homemade bread. That would be torture.
One other thing I have learned about my cravings is that it is not SAFE for me to go grocery shopping when I am HUNGRY. Just don’t do it! I wanted everything that I couldn’t have. Here is a shopping tip for you as well. In a grocery store, stay on the outer edges of the store. That is where all the healthy stuff is. It is down the aisles where all the processed foods are sold. Have you ever noticed that? Just make sure to skirt around the bread section as well, no matter how good it smells.

Hunger Pangs: My metabolism sure hasn’t slowed down, and sometimes it is a struggle to keep up with how much food my body wants; especially those days when I am really busy. I have finally learned that on those days to pack a few bags of snacks. One of my favorite recipes in the snack section of the program was Kale Chips. So yummy and salty! I would just stick some in a little baggy and keep it close by. But watch out, it does get in your teeth, so check before you smile at someone. Another one of my favorites is dried fruit. Dried apricots are probably my favorite. Having appropriate snacks has saved my life, and I really appreciate that it was added into the Anti-Inflammatory diet.
During my week 2, I have found that I still have that clenched, uncomfortable feeling in my upper stomach. It hasn’t been painful or anything, but it has gotten in the way of those signals that I am full or even hungry. It has made it hard for me to read my own body. After talking to Dr. Noorda and Cathy, they have given me some supplements. I have two different kinds; Gut Flora Complex and Prebiotic Inulin. I am supposed to take the Gut Flora (capsules) during the weekend and then the Prebiotic Inulin (powder) during the week. I started taking the Gut Flora the day I got it. And boy does it work! It emptied me out. I was going to the bathroom more than I ever have (no wonder they told me to take it on the weekends). And what was amazing though was that after the second day of taking Gut Flora, I finally noticed that that clenched feeling in my stomach was gone. I didn’t even notice right away because I was so busy. And then the very last day of my week 2, I started taking the Prebiotic Inulin. I just added it into my drink or my breakfast smoothie. The Prebiotic Inulin is supposed to start adding in the good bacteria to my stomach after the Gut Flora cleans me out. Guess we will see for my week 3 how it goes.
Here is a little insert from the pamphlet I was given with the Gut Flora and the Prebiotic Inulin. If there are any questions about this, I would talk to Cathy Phillips at Balanced Spinal Care. She has been such a great help with this!
Synergistic Support for Gut Health:
The GI Flora Balance Program, tailored from Kerry Bone’s experience managing GI challenges, uniquely combines the cleansing herbal support of Gut Flora Complex with the food-ingredient support from Prebiotic Inulin to balance gut flora and restore gut health.

Weight: I lost 2 more pounds! I was celebrating at the end of the week, because it feels so good to accomplish this. Not only am I seeing the difference in numbers on the scale, but I am also feeling it as well. My clothes are starting to get big on me (oh no, now I have to go shopping for new clothes! Yes!) It is amazing because I pulled out all my summer shorts from last year, put them on and it was baggy everywhere; legs, waist, everything. So now I have only one pair of working shorts. I defiantly don’t want to fit in those shorts again.

Energy: Just as with my first week, my constant energy level has been an amazing blessing. I don’t get drowsy during the middle of the day and those roller coaster energy levels are almost a distant memory. I am finding that I am getting a lot more done in my day and that my brain isn’t turning into mush after working and then studying for school. And the amazing thing is that I WANT to do more. Instead of just sitting at home doing nothing, I have new projects to do or I want to get out of the house more.

What I have learned: Even with the cravings, and missing certain foods, I am feeling great! And I am starting to realize that these sacrifices I am making now are worth it. I feel good, my confidence has gone up, and I finally know that I have the strength to not let food control my life. And the most important realization this week was that I don’t want to go back to the way I was last month. I don’t want to fit back into those shorts that are too big now. I don’t want my energy level to be a roller coaster again. And I don’t want to feel sluggish and tired later in the day. Because I love what I am working to become!

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