NUCCA vs. Traditional Chiropractic Care

Recently I was hanging out at a party and the person I was talking to starts rubbing his neck. He knows me, and has for a while, so I offer to work on his neck in a backroom. A young lady that could see what I was doing also came back asking for some help with a migraine she was experiencing. As I was finishing up with her neck, her sister drags her new husband in the room asking me to work on him as well. He seemed uncomfortable, so I started up a conversation instead of going right for the correction (adjustment at the top of the neck). His main concern was one that I’ve heard many times, he just doesn’t like getting his neck “cracked” saying that it was uncomfortable and a little scary.

Traditional Chiropractic Care Involves A Little Thrust

The goal of traditional chiropractic visits are based off of movement. Even when the chiropractor talks about alignment, the main goal is still movement, thus the “crack” and “pop” associated with traditional chiropractic. You walk in with your neck, low back, or whatever part of your body is bothering you. It’s felt and moved around a little bit, then taken to a position where the joint is tight. Then what’s called a “high velocity, low amplitude thrust”, or in other words, a traditional chiropractic adjustment. Your joint has been moved beyond where it previously was stuck. This resulting movement that is forced into the joint can be helpful in certain circumstances. Some examples of this that we use in our office is for specific brain stimulation (mostly with pediatrics), and with pregnancy (a little movement into that pelvis can make a world of difference).

NUCCA Is Less Invasive and More Effective

NUCCA, on the other hand, is all about alignment – which means no thrusting. On the first visit, you will receive an exam and x-rays. On your second visit is when you will receive your first correction (called a correction because there is no thrusting), then the doctor will take some post x-rays (the ONLY chiropractic technique to takes x-rays right after the first adjustment). These post x-rays show what parts of the misalignment moved as planned and what didn’t. In other words, NUCCA chiropractors are exact.

The correction itself feels like a light, little touch around the base of the ear or on part of the neck. All the patient feels is our hands softly touching their neck. Commonly people won’t even think the correction has happened when they are told to get up off the table the first time. This is one of the benefits that the NUCCA correction has over traditional chiropractic.

By studying the scans and x-rays of the neck and back from the first visit, we are able to work in such a soft exact way. Then, by being so light with our correction, we are able to make the small, exact, and very important realignments to the top of the spine and bottom of the skull- which alignment continues down the spine. Also, the softness of the touch makes it so that the corresponding muscles and joints don’t tighten up and lockdown to protect any existing injuries.

Avoiding Chiropractic Popping With NUCCA

This is especially true with the neck. There are a lot of little joints in the neck, and each one has some little sensors that talk to the brain. That is why it is so hard to give complete control of your neck to someone else during something like a traditional chiropractic adjustment. The neck is simply too sensitive, especially if there is any kind of injury present. For exactness without the popping, try NUCCA chiropractic.

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