Living a Life of Wellness Part 1

In this day and age, in order to live a life of wellness and prevention, we have to start changing our way of thinking, and start by asking the right questions. When someone starts to get sick, what do they usually do? Well, of course go to the doctor and get a prescription to feel better. But how often does this prescription only help with the symptoms instead of the root of the problem. Always. We live in a time where we want quick and easy answers to cover up our symptoms. But just like chronic illness, having a healthy life takes time. The way of thinking needs to change and we have to take responsibility for our lifestyles. Did you ever think that it would be that simple? That just by changing our lifestyles we could avoid chronic illness and live a life of true wellness?

Chronic Illness is born from habits
For the last few generations, chronic illness has been increasing dramatically. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and even dementia have been on the rise with the numbers only increasing with time. The number of prescriptions is also doubling with each person every decade with a staggering 76% of Americans taking prescription drugs on a regular basis.
Chronic illness isn’t in the genes. It is something that is developed over time. It takes years of hard, dedicated work to develop chronic illness. It doesn’t show up overnight or when you eat one unhealthy meal or don’t exercise for a day. It is the product of habits. There are many who also think that chronic illness is a natural condition as we all get older. That it is unavoidable. But this isn’t true. There are so many of our children that are obese and diabetic that they had to change the name from adult onset diabetes to type 2 diabetes. Age does not matter. Our lifestyles do.

Living in artificial environments
Animals thrive in their natural habitat. They inherit the same genes as their parents and are taught and molded into their lifestyles by their parents. But when an animal is taken out of their ecosystem and placed in captivity, it changes their lifestyle and makes them sicker and sicker because they are placed in an artificial environment. Research has shown that out of all the species of animals that become sick or endangered that the reason hasn’t ever been because of their genes.
All of the genes in the body are programmed for health, not sickness. It is the epigene or the gene expression that goes through the change. The way that it changes is through the environment we live in, what we eat, and even things like how healthy our relationships are with others, and how we think of ourselves.
Another important thing to remember is that we are an ecosystem of cells. There is an example of the rainforest. As a whole, the rainforest’s health is determined by each and every tree within it. It is the same for us in our bodies’ ecosystem. Our overall health is determined by the health of each cell within it. But when we live in our own artificial environment, we are damaging our ecosystems by all the toxins in our ‘food’.

When did toxins become such a big deal?
The main toxin problems happened around the end of WWII. We started using large amounts of pesticides and herbicides which were made from poison gases used during warfare. We switched from using manure to fertilize crops to using petroleum-derived fertilizers like NPK. And then we began to use chemicals to manufacture food. Such things as trans fats, artificial colors, dyes, flavors, and sweeteners were made to make chemical products look and taste like food.

The Power of our Belief Systems
When you think about changing your behaviors, it is really about changing your belief system. It is incredibly important to your life of wellness because it is your belief systems that determines how much things matter to you. Then our behaviors and actions are based on what we decide matter to us.
If you believe that it is your genes that made you sick and that the choices you make in your life will not make it any better, then how can you be healthy if you don’t make the choice to be? But if you know and believe that you have control over your health and wellness and that your choices and efforts have a profound impact on your health, you begin to feel empowered; you start to feel like you can take responsibility for your health destiny.
Dr. James L. Chestnut says, “What I really want you to begin to understand is that whatever state of health you are in right now is, in fact, the genetic expression of your environment. Your health is the genetic expression of your thoughts and social interactions. It’s the genetic expression of your food choices; it’s the genetic expression of your exercise and energy expenditure patterns. It is the genetic expression of how you eat, move, and think and the environment you live in. As I have been teaching for over a decade, our chronic state of health is the genetic expression of our chronic lifestyle choices.”

The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm by: Dr. James L. Chestnut

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