Is decompression right for low back pain in St. George?

Low back pain is one of the most common problems people have. It is estimated that about 60 – 80% of the adult U.S. population has low back pain, and it is the second most common reason people go to the doctor. The key to success for treating low back pain is identifying what the CAUSE of the problem is and addressing that. Most people with low back pain will eventually get an MRI. Odds are that they will find some kind of arthritis and disc problems. That’s when doctors like to slap a label on the patient and mark the cased as “solved”. I think this is a mistake. Arthritis doesn’t form without reason, and discs don’t usually have problems without a chronic, long-term cause. Often, a single incident won’t cause a big disc problem, but the daily wear and tear that comes after an accident can. To best serve the patient, the cause of the problem needs to be addressed, which is usually an imbalanced posture and compensated gait.

Decompression has helped hundreds of people get out of back pain. The question people need to ask themselves is why was that part of the spine compressed in the first place. Again, the answer is usually an imbalanced posture and gait. Decompression, although it can feel good, does not necessarily address either of these problems. Thus decompression alone is often undone as the patient stands up against gravity and walks around crooked.

In my office we don’t treat low back pain, but we do help people stand up and walk straight. By improving posture, many have found relief from arthritis and disc problems. The treatments are gentle and effective, making it possible to get relief that lasts, without having 3 or more visits a week.

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