I’m Done with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet… Now What??

One Patient’s Experiences with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet

That’s the big million dollar question, isn’t it? I worked hard all month long, had my ups and downs and saw the dramatic improvements. But now that it is over, what do I do now? The whole point of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet is to clean you out of any and all things harmful and to replace it with the good things our bodies starve for. It needs nutrients and ingredients that work with our body instead of against it.
Talking with Cathy and Dr. Noorda, I found out that what I needed to do was to start bringing back a few of the basic foods into my diet to see how it makes me feel. And to only do it one at a time. If I started adding everything all at once and got a stomach ache, then I wouldn’t know which ingredient it was that made me feel that way.

Eating Habits:
During my 4th and final week of the Diet, instead of dealing with cravings, I really… really missed certain foods. I especially missed Mexican food (I was dying for a burrito!). But I had to hold back and bring only one thing back at a time.
I first started with eggs. For a couple of days I brought back eggs, only to find that if I had too much it made my stomach hurt and feel uncomfortable. I cut back on the eggs until I was only having a little bit and found that I could handle it. It is all in moderation. Eggs are always good in recipes and as a filler, but my stomach can’t handle it in excess.
The next thing I tried was a little bit of bread. Now, I knew that this one would probably give me trouble and I was very right. It was one of those days when I had to rush off to school. I made a quick piece of toast and then made a sandwich for later. I felt so bloated, heavy and uncomfortable the whole time! I am now staying away from any kinds of breads because now I know how it affects my body. It causes pain and inflammation. My craving for breads is definitely gone.
After a week of adding back some of my old, normal foods, I found that my energy was lower and the pain in my stomach was back. Yikes! It was no fun. I didn’t abandon my Diet way of eating, but those few times of having eggs and bread really showed me the difference it makes for me.
And then one night, out of the blue, I was craving lemon chicken with a side of green beans and non-sweetened apple sauce. This was one of my favorite meals during the diet. After I ate it, I felt energy, and I felt great afterwards. What a difference!

What I am Learning
It makes me laugh to think that my cravings for Mexican foods, breads and eggs are gone and have instead been replaced with cravings for non-sweetened applesauce, other fruits, vegetables and salads. I can read my body easier and it is telling me to get back on track with giving it the good nutrients it needs. With my cravings now reversed, it is so much easier to turn away from those foods that I now know will cause my stomach aches.
Before the diet, I was causing inflammation in my own body without even realizing it. Doing the Anti-Inflammatory has been a huge blessing in my life. Not only has it made me feel so much better, but it has opened my eyes to what is in the foods around me. So much of the processed foods are like putting poison in my body. It doesn’t belong in our bodies and so our bodies freak out and don’t know what to do with the processed stuff.
One of the main things I have learned after this experience is that it isn’t just a month kind of thing. This is going to be a life time thing because I took the time and exerted the energy to make this change in myself. I am now eating the Anti-Inflammatory way because I love it, instead of because I have to!

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