Hypertension- the silent killer.

Upper cervical chiropractic, known as NUCCA, can lower high blood pressure. At first, this seems like one of those “cure all” statements used as “fluff” advertising. That is not the case here. NUCCA has gained some important merit and has proven itself according to the “gold standard” testing from the AMA (American Medical Association).

What is blood pressure?

As the heart pumps blood out to the body, pressure is exerted outward on the artery walls. This pressure is measured with two numbers. The large number is systolic and the lower number is diastolic. Systolic around 120 is normal, over 140 is high. Diastolic, around 80 is normal and over 90 is high.

High blood pressure is painless and therefore often referred to as the “silent killer”. It can affect the brain, heart, kidneys and other organs leading to an increase risk for strokes, heart attack, kidney failure, and ultimately death.

Why is blood pressure important?

The leading cause of death in the US is heart disease and about 1/3 of all American’s have hypertension. For this reason, high blood pressure is a great concern among physicians. Medical treatment consists of diuretics, ACE inhibitors, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, etc. These drugs have been clinically proven to force blood pressure down, but they don’t address the cause of why it is high in the first place. And, with all these medications, heart disease is STILL the leading cause of death. This is true even though the US consumes more drugs than any other country in the world; a lot more.

So, who dies of a heart attack? Usually those people on blood pressure medications. And no, they didn’t just forget to take them that day. The reason for this is that true health comes from within, not from a pill.

What can be done?

Non-medical treatment for hypertension includes a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are high in potassium, which negates sodium and can help lower blood pressure. Drinking plenty of water is also important. Here in St. George, you should be drinking about 3 liters in the summer months. Smoking is also bad. Every cigarette will increase your blood pressure about 10 mm/Hg.

Good things to help improve your cardiovascular function are exercise, massage, yoga and NUCCA. A consistent exercise routine can be very helpful in improving the strength and function of your heart and help keep blood pressure in a healthy place.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA is an acronym that stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. In 2007, it rocked the medical world with a study in The New England Journal Of Human Hypertension. This study shows how important the upper cervical part of the spine and the brain stem are with regards to blood pressure.

In this study, 50 people with hypertension were divided into 2 groups. One group got a real correction to Atlas (no twisting, cracking or popping, just a precise correction), and the other received a sham correction. Both groups then had their blood pressure tracked for 8 weeks. The control group saw no improvements but the group that received the true Atlas correction saw a dramatic improvement with their blood pressure decreasing an average of 14 points and staying there. That is equivalent to two medications taken simultaneously but with no adverse effects.

How does it work?

Blood pressure is measured in the Carotid artery as a sample of the pressure going to the brain. The Common Carotid bifurcates, or splits, into the internal and external branches on the way to the brain and head. In the middle of this bifurcation, there is a bundle of nerves containing baroreceptors from the Glossopharyngeal nerve. The glossopharyngeal nerve synapses in the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS) located in the medulla of the brainstem. The NTS has an influence over the sympathetic and parasympathetic (vagal) neurons in the medulla and pons through the hypothalamus.

If there is a misalignment of Atlas (C1), it can cause a slight ischemia on the NTS. This in essence makes the brain think that the blood pressure is low, and responds accordingly. Anything done to help with the hypertension that does not address Atlas is just a Band-Aid.

Most people have a misalignment of Atlas and just don’t know it. The consequences of a misalignment can vary and are not just limited to hypertension. But, someone with hypertension should definitely be checked for a simple misalignment, thus avoiding years of needless medications and hypertension-associated morbidity. Being checked is simple and painless.

Dr. Brent Noorda
NUCCA chiropractic physician
Balanced Spinal Care ~ 435-688-2292.

  1. Koren on 28 Apr 2012 at 8:43 am

    Very good information. It will be great when we can have a real solution instead of have to take a pharmaceutical each day.

  2. Mile on 07 May 2012 at 4:22 am

    Our body has a definite blood prreusse. A drop in the said prreusse is a condition termed as hypotension, more popularly low blood prreusse. In such a condition, the heart forces the blood out of the arteries with much less strength than it should. Low blood prreusse is an outcome of weakened and devitalized system. Some of the main causes of low blood prreusse are faulty nutrition or malnutrition, emotional instability, loss of blood and slow internal bleeding. Lethargy, weakness, fatigue and dizziness are the most common symptoms of low blood prreusse. A person might even faint, if the arterial prreusse gets extremely low. Low blood prreusse can, however, be treated naturally, using some home remedies. Read on to know how to cure low blood prreusse, at home.Home Remedy For Low Blood Pressure * The best and the most effective home remedy for treating low blood prreusse would be to consume lots of water. This is because dehydration reduces blood volume and leads to a drop in the blood prreusse. * Beetroot juice is beneficial for those suffering from low blood prreusse. So, have a cup of raw beetroot juice two times a day. * Prepare a cup of strong black coffee and consume this whenever you feel that your blood prreusse is dipping. * Put 15-20 gm of Indian Spikenard in 250 ml water and boil it. Now, remove from heat and let it cool down. Have this infusion thrice a day. You can also have 30-40 grains of Indian Spikenard, along with some camphor and cinnamon. * Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add one kg of Epsom salt to it. Immerse yourself in the bath for 20 minutes, before going to bed. Take caution not to expose the body to a cold area after this. * In a bowl of water, soak 7 almonds and keep them overnight. Peel them and prepare a paste. Add this paste to lukewarm milk and drink it. * Take a bowl of water and soak 30 raisins in it, overnight. Chew them one by one, on an empty stomach, in the morning and have water. * Holy basil works effectively in curing low blood prreusse. Take about 15 holy basil leaves and crush them. Filter the mixture with the help of a muslin cloth. Have this filtered mixture, along with a tsp of honey, on an empty stomach. * Include salt, asafoetida and fruits in your diet. All these are beneficial in restoring the blood prreusse level. * Foods rich in proteins, vitamin C and vitamin B are effective in treating low blood prreusse. * Exercises, light walking, swimming and cycling are beneficial in regulating the blood prreusse level. Was this answer helpful?

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