Herniated disc and Scitatica

Just a really quick note. At the end of our day today we have a patient come in with his amazing wife. He was scheduled for surgery in November because of severe low back pain, sciatica all caused by a herniated disc. He was on many of the strongest drugs for pain and also to sleep, has tried injections, decompression and just about everything else.

Today he came in and told me (Dr. Noorda) that he has been off all his medications for over a week. The pain is almost completely gone and he is able to sleep without any problems.

Even with some of the worst cases, there is always an alternative to going under the knife. Through upper cervical chiropractic care known as NUCCA, which stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, I can change your posture, helping you to stand up straight and take undo stress off the nervous system.

I love being a NUCCA chiropractor and I love helping people with low back pain.

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