Health Solutions


Not only do we use the latest technology, we are also constantly reviewing the latest research and implementing the most current information into our practice. It takes an average of 10 years for new research to be implemented in a clinical setting, but we are constantly learning, attending conferences, and studying to improve our practice.



Gentle. Effective.

Our NUCCA Chiropractors offer an integrative approach to reversing the effects of injury and inflammation by correcting body posture and improving nervous function.



Getting To The Root Cause

So many of diseases today are chronic conditions that are lifestyle driven. We are trained in functional medicine, meaning we use cutting-edge testing, nutrition and lifestyle changes to help you cure and prevent chronic disease. We work as a TEAM of doctors, each with our own strengths, to get you better.



Revolutionizing Primary Care

The need for a primary care provider with a holistic approach is real...and we have it! We work to help you achieve your healthiest life, on top of providing great medical care. We are much more than just a check up!



Family Friendly

Kids are growing fast during the early years of life. They are also constantly slipping and falling. A misalignment during this critical growing period can present many long term problems that can last into adulthood. As the twig is grows the tree! Kids NEED to be checked!



It's All About YOU!

Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between every individual’s biochemical response to nutrition and the environment. Every individual’s genome is unique. Therefore, every individual’s genetic response to food and the environment is unique. We help YOU discover YOU and give your body precisely the nutrients that it needs.



Conquer Chronic Health Issues

Acupuncture has been honed and practiced for over 2500 years. Two and a half millennia back this ancient and effective procedure! In contrast, the pharmaceutical industry has been around for about 170 years and the average pharmaceutical clinical trial is 15 years. Which one gives you more confidence?