Dr. Shane Preece, D.C.

NUCCA Chiropractic Physician, Pediatric and Prenatal Board Certified

Dr. Shane Preece started his career as a traditional chiropractor twisting and popping the spine, just as any other. He was unsatisfied with the inconsistent patient outcomes. Then after learning and becoming proficient in the NUCCA technique, which does not twist or pop the spine, he found it produced superior clinical results. Dr. Preece found the NUCCA technique to be more gentle, more specific, and longer lasting.

Dr. Preece is Webster Technique Certified, which is the specific chiropractic pregnancy adjustment. He learned while his wife was pregnant with their first child how essential specific chiropractic care is for the pregnant mother and recommends all women who are pregnant to receive the Webster Technique on a regular basis for a more comfortable pregnancy and easier birth. Dr. Preece found his passion for taking care of kids from becoming a father of two, which lead him to become the ONLY Board Certified Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in Southern Utah. His goal is to help you have the Healthiest Kids on the Block. Dr. Preece has a light and fun personality yet focuses on the details. He loves to take patients from dis-ease to true health while having the data and measurements to show you how he did it. The combination of NUCCA with his Pediatric and Prenatal education creates a very unique and highly effective form of health care. That is why he has been labeled “The Kids Chiro”.
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