“Fed Up”

Our Growing Generation It is mainly the children growing up in this generation who are suffering from health issues, obesity, and even diabetes. The cases of Type 2 Diabetes among adolescents in 1980 were 0, but looking at more recent records, in 2010 there was a mind-blowing 57,638 cases. This major jump happened in just …

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Here in the St. George NUCCA office, we have noticed an increased number of patients responding favorably to PCOS with NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic care. PCOS is an acronym that stands for Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. This has to do with the nervous system and the dysfunction that can happen when an ASC, or atlas subluxation …

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Want to learn more about a certain topic?

Dr. Noorda and Cathy Phillips are on the radio 1450 am or 93.1 fm each Saturday from 9-11 am. Various health topics are discussed. Some of the most recent are found here! Simply click on the following link to go to the podcast page: Or you can also find the recordings on itunes.

Helping our kids!

Some simple life style choices and chiropractic care can help kids. Without help, ADD, ADHD, Autism, etc will continue to skyrocket of control. Enjoy this link explaining why we should severely limit screen time for our children!

Dr. Noorda and Cathy Phillips on the radio

Want more knowledge about health? Listen to Dr. Noorda, NUCCA chiropractic physician, and Cathy Phillips, Nutritional counselor, both at Balanced Spinal Care in St. George. Listen to what they are saying on the radio by following this link to their podcast page.