Can Gut Bacteria affect a Toddler’s Temperament?

All toddler’s personality and temperaments are so different from one another. While one toddler could be outgoing and spontaneous without fear, another is shy and likes to keep to them selves. The question is can certain types or amounts of Gut Bacteria be an answer to understanding more about a Toddler’s Temperaments?

Creating Better Sleep

Everyone knows how important sleep is. It determines your mood, brainpower, and even how you feel physically. But did you know that it also determines your hormones, energy level, and even how well you can recover from an illness?

How Does Gluten Affect You?

How does the body react to gluten? When gluten is ingested into the body, the immune system immediately sends antibodies to attack those inflammatory gluten particles. Sounds like a good thing, right? There is a problem with this as well. The proteins in gluten, known as gliadin, closely resemble some of our body’s own tissues. …

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