How Can NUCCA Get Rid of Chronic Neck Pain?

A while ago, I dropped in on a friend–a local neurologist–for a quick visit. One of his medical assistants is a patient of mine and, when she saw me, quickly brought her co-worker over to ask about some chronic neck pain she had been struggling with. The friend had tried everything she could think of…numerous consultations, physical therapy, steroid injections, and massage. Her x-rays showed degeneration and an MRI showed a disc protruding against the spinal cord, leaving her to believe that the only option left was surgery.

During this spur-of-the-moment consultation, I was able to see the imaging of her neck and instantly spot the problem and potential solution. She had a specific point of degeneration (between the 5th and 6th vertebrae), and all the other vertebrae, joints, and discs were fine. From my experience in working so closely with the neck, I could immediately tell that this wasn’t a genetic issue, a nutrition issue, or even an age issue. And–the best part– it was not an issue requiring surgery.

You Have Whiplash…Surprise!

In this case, like most others I deal with, it had to do with the way her head was balanced on top of her neck. There was a sign of some mild whiplash in her neck, although she had never been in any kind of accident or injury that she could recall. Whiplash injuries can sometimes result from seemingly innocent and low key incidents that are quickly forgotten, but go on to cause lasting pain and problems. This mild whiplash resulted in a rebalancing of the skull, which put undue stress on the front of the C5 vertebra joints. This friend had been walking around with this imbalance for years and reported that she had been experiencing neck stiffness and mild headaches for a long time, assuming that it was normal. She was thrilled to learn that not only is it abnormal to have chronic neck pain, but there is a gentle and very effective way to fix the stiffness, the headaches, and the pain that doesn’t include a visit to the hospital or surgical center!

Chronic Neck Pain Is Probably Not Genetic

One of my jobs is to break through the belief that pain or health problems are outside of our control or based on age or genetics. A very small number of chronic health issues are actually due to genetics. If degeneration, arthritis, and disc problems are only evident in a portion of your back or your neck, then the root cause is not genetic–even if your mother had it too! Your whole spine has your mother’s genes (not just the problem area) and I am willing to stake a claim that your whole spine is the same age!

What’s In The Tool Box?

Some doctors may suggest drugs, shots, or surgery because those are the primary tools they work with. Those methods may be an acceptable option for some cases, but in the instance of chronic neck pain, it is definitely worth consulting with a NUCCA chiropractor before loading up the medications or getting put under. Your problem is not based on a deficiency of drugs or surgery–there is very often a root cause that can be corrected much more holistically.

NUCCA Helps Your Body Heal Itself

The primary role of NUCCA chiropractic care is to very gently realign your head and neck. By doing this, your body is enabled to start healing. Yes, your joints and discs can heal themselves, if the conditions are right! There is a law taught in biomechanics called Wolff’s Law. Wolff’s Law states that bones and joints will remodel according to the stresses put on them. Your body is smart and your body is a living, viable entity that has the power to heal. As a NUCCA chiropractor, it is my job to rebalance the stresses on the neck and back, in order to allow the healing to begin–and it is a job that I love!

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