Can Gut Bacteria affect a Toddler’s Temperament?

All toddler’s personality and temperaments are so different from one another. While one toddler could be outgoing and spontaneous without fear, another is shy and likes to keep to them selves.
The question is can certain types or amounts of Gut Bacteria be an answer to understanding more about a Toddler’s Temperaments? Researchers, Dr. Christian and Bailey have been conducting a study to see where their question will lead them.

On average, the gut can contain up to 400 – 500 different species of bacteria. Scientist has started using DNA-based methods that have allowed them to find and study the different bacteria diversity in stools. It is believed that there is communication between the gut bacteria and the brain, but researchers are not certain which one sends the communication signals first.

According to the study provided by Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science, they have found that the gut bacteria in girls were fewer and less consistent than in boys. In the girls, there are certain behaviors like cuddliness, focused attention, and self-restraint that they have found in association with a lower diversity of gut bacteria. In boys it was found that when there is an abundance of Rikenellaceae and Ruminococcaceae microbiome families, then there is more extroverted personality traits.


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“Toddler temperament could be influenced by different types of gut bacteria” by, Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science.
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