Living a Life of Wellness Part 3

What we have learned
In parts 1 and 2, we have discussed how chronic illness is born from habits. We get chronic illness by the ways we move, eat, our belief system of illness, and the relationships in our lives. We have also discussed how we are now living in artificial environments. Most of the foods we eat are processed and the medications we take cover up the symptoms, dulling the pain, instead of solving the root of the problem. The last thing was stressors. Stressors are like rocks that we carry around in our backpacks while trying to swim. The two different categories are Toxins and Deficiency. There are so many ways that we are putting toxins into our bodies without even realizing it. And deficiency is when we are depriving our bodies of what they genetically need to survive.
Dr. Chestnut says, “The only thing to do is to change their lifestyle patterns, to remove the toxins they are putting into their bodies and to fill their bodies up with the nutrients, movement and exercise stimulation, and self confidence and love and social connections they genetically require. No drug or surgery will ever be the solution for illness caused by deficient and/or toxic nutrition, deficient exercise or toxic postures, deficient and/or toxic thoughts and social interactions, or environmental toxins.”
In this last segment of Living a Life of Wellness, let’s talk about ways that we can stay away from the toxins and taking those rocks/stressors out of your backpacks.

Living a Life of Wellness

Eat Fresh Fiber
Start by adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your everyday meals. By increasing fruit and vegetable intake, you also increase the genetically required nutrients and find an increase in overall health and function. Pick your favorite fruit or vegetable and add it into your snacks every day, then in a year from now, you will see a significantly healthier you.

Add Activity into your Work, Family and Social Life
Constantly be moving. It doesn’t matter if you are at work, home, or on vacation just make sure that your body is in constant movement. Be creative and spend more time doing outdoor activities with friends and family. At work, instead of staying in the office chair, make sure to get up often to stretch and walk around a bit. Even if you aren’t an active person who loves to play sports, try walking for 20 minutes each day. Here is a condensed list of the benefits of what walking can do for you; it prevents up to 91 percent of cases of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It can normalize blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. It prevents osteoporosis and increases new bone formation. It can also increase strength, flexibility and balance and improve digestion. The list goes on and on. Isn’t it amazing how the movement of the body impacts so much of the body’s health?
We may not even think of this but chiropractic is also important for health. It is important for the same reason that exercise is important for overall health. Movement feeds the brain, and the nutrients that come from movement affect nerve signals called proprioception. This travels from properly functioning joints to the brain. There are movement-learning and movement-pleasure pathways that involve the spinal joints and the surrounding tissues that send proprioception signals to the brain. In order for this to happen there needs to be a proper range of motion required. Chiropractic work can help to restore this needed motion and thus the delivery of motion-derived nutrients to the brain.

Always Shop Full
How many of us are guilty of going to the store right before dinner time when we are hungry enough to eat just about anything? I think it’s safe to assume that most of us are. This is when we are faced with temptations that normally wouldn’t faze us. This is when grocery carts get filled with junk food. Let’s pretend that it is a Thursday evening and you get the sudden craving for something sweet. You get up off the couch and look in the fridge to find that there isn’t anything sweet in the house, how many of you would be willing to drive to the store to get a candy bar? Not very many of us and never often. This isn’t a big step or a big change, but the effects go a long ways towards living a life of wellness.

Start and End Everyday with Gratitude
Dr. Chestnut says, “Every morning when you get up, before you get out of bed, take a moment and think about what you have to be grateful for that day. We all have something to be grateful for, even if it is the fact that we are alive and able to think at all. I would suggest that every one of you reading this have food and shelter and so many other things to be grateful for. I am not interested in debating whether or not you have troubles in your life. We all do. I’m only interested in pointing out two important facts. One, you have something to be grateful for. Two, reflecting on this will improve your health and improve your life and improve the lives of everyone you interact with.”
“When you go to bed at night stop and pause to think about what you have to be grateful for regarding your day or your life in general. Tell your family members that they are safe and important and loved and appreciated. Always begin and end your day with gratitude. It is so easy. You don’t even have to get out of bed to do it; you can just lie there and be grateful. If you do that every day for thirty days, do you know what will happen automatically when you open your eyes every morning? The first thought in your mind will be what? Gratitude. I promise it will. What a way to start each day. It changes everything.”

Our health is in our choices every day. But once we change our paradigm to a wellness and prevention mind set then we start to find that we are living and feeling better with our choices and we start to mold ourselves into healthy habits. Healthy habits are as hard to break as unhealthy ones.

Written by: Colbi Judd

The Wellness & Prevention Paradigm by: Dr. James L. Chestnut

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